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Help Wanted

X-Day 2004 needs the help of numerous volunteers in order to succeed. And these are not limited to the obvious people, such as the participants who submit creative works to be listed or compete, or those who vote, or the X-Day Manager, who manages the web site and organizes X-Day.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are willing to help out in any of the 5 following ways, of if you know some one else that you would recommend for them.

Rememember that being a volunteer does not disqualify you from participating in X-Day as a submitter or voter; even the X-Day Manager can do that.

Planning Events and Rules

We need every available person to look over the pages on this site, particularly the Details and Rules pages named "Content Rules" and "Submission Categories", and give us constructive feedback on them.

Please tell us if there is anything on the web site that you don't understand. Tell us about anything in the stated plans that you disagree with. Tell us if any new rules should be added, or if any existing ones should be changed or removed. Tell us if you see any holes or ambiguities in the rules or stated procedures that may cause a problem. Give us suggestions for what categories work, which should be used or not used, which should be split and which should be merged. Let us know if you can think of any creative works that deserve to compete in X-Day but that the current rules don't seem to allow. Similarly, let us know if the rules seem to allow something in that should be banned. Please suggest any alternate wording for documentation sections so that they are easier to understand or to close holes. Let us know if there is some fact or situation we should be considering that we're not.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions that are not addressed by the posted description and rules. What do you think should happen in X-Day this year? What should we avoid; what problems happened in previous years that need to be planned against? How should events be organized? What did you like about previous years that you want to maintain?

Also, if you have any suggestions for a voting system or algorithm that would allow a voter to rank competing submissions in order of preference, with weights, rather than simply "pick one", but at the same time gives final vote counts that are very different (not nearly identical) between each submission, indicating a clear winner, then please share it.

Now is the time to plan and organize.

Visual Design and Graphics

We need a few people who are graphic designers by interest or profession and can help us give X-Day 2004 an impressive visual design. People who have an eye for what looks good and can make specific suggestions; having the skills to implement the ideas also helps. Should have knowledge of CSS and access to graphical editing tools (eg, Photoshop or Illustrator). We need visitors to feel excited, and not be bored by the plain black and white appearance of the web site. X-Day should have a visible personality.

We need someone to make one or more attractive small graphic logos that participants can put on their web sites when hyper-linking to the X-Day web site. In keeping with tradition, the logo should contain the stylized text "X-Day 2004" and no character images.

We would like this kind of help as soon as possible, so that the new look is in place early enough for most visitors to see it.

At the end of X-Day 2004, we also need a few people to make numerical award graphics for the winners so that they actually have a trophy to take home. Optionally, if someone wants to make them, a few of these for the X-Day 2002 winners may also be appreciated, since no one ever got to making them.


We need every available person to get the word out that X-Day 2004 is happening, including with mentions and links on their websites, and announcements in discussion forums. We need to allow everyone who may want to participate the most time possible to get their submissions ready, and not miss the boat. Communications is very important. Promotion is to be started immediately.

Evaluating Submissions

We need a couple dozen people to be the "staff" and evaluate the various submissions for appropriate content and descriptions, helping to ensure that submissions obey the rules, and directing participants if they don't.

The staff may also be called on to answer general questions left by participants. They should also generally be on the lookout for possible problems during the submission or voting periods.

This work happens mainly during the 3 week submission period.

We regret to say that this work is only open to people that are legally adults, meaning age 18 or older. This is because part of the evaluation process may involve looking at submissions with adult content that should not compete or are improperly marked. Of course, those of you younger than 18 may still volunteer for any other task.

Distributing Prizes

In support of those fraction of participants that want prizes if they win awards, someone needs to provide these and mail them to winners. These can be any small (or large) things that the donator wants to provide, such as some old comics for example.

X-Day originally had a tradition of giving prizes to winners, but this was neglected in the previous 2-3 years. It is up to us as to whether we want to reinstate prizes or not have any.

Note that even if there are prizes available, not all award winners may actually get one, as there may be more winners than available prizes. In any event, it is ultimately the choice of the prize donator as to who gets it, since they also send the mail.

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