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This page is a reverse-chronological list of the changes that the X-Day Manager has made to the X-Day 2004 web site since 2004 April 5th, when the web site for X-Day 2004 was started. You should make note of any items that have changed since your last visit, since they may affect how you participate in X-Day 2004 or otherwise use this website. This is *not* a list of differences since X-Day 2003 and earlier.

2006 March 4: Posted a notice on the main page that X-Day is on hiatus indefinitely, due to my lack of time for it. But it will resume eventually, at an unknown date, starting with an event covering multiple years, such as 2004 plus 2005.

2005 November 26: 1. Applied the start of a new CSS visual style designed by survivorx, which is simpler than the previous attempt to make the site look better. 2. Reorganized the main menu again, to include all the main editing pages; there is no longer a separate Login screen, but rather you will be shown a login form on any other screen whose access depends on it; a distinct Logout screen does exist, though. 3. Added a status bar by the top of the screen to reflect who is logged in and say what time period within X-Day it is (submit vs vote etc).

2005 November 17: Now resuming active preparation, so that submissions can start being taken in a few days. Certain new-style prerequisites that I was waiting for never materialized, and so I will recycle the X-Day 2003 code for X-Day 2004. Made these changes today: 1. Reverted the visual style of the web site to that of X-Day 2003, removing the more complicated CSS that Brian Garside came up with; it wasn't working, though I'm willing for there to be another attempt to make X-Day 2004 look less bland. 2. Changed the front page notice so it says development is in earnest and we'll start any day now; all of the event dates posted on the site still have to be fixed though, and will be when submissions open. 3. Added new "Tattoos" submission category in the Fan Costumes category group.

2005 June 8: Updated the reason for X-Day 2004 being delayed, since it is actually due to my having other work to do first which is higher priority.

2005 January 9: X-Day 2004 will be delayed indefinitely, citing partly technical difficulties and that there is a lot of work to do with which I don't want to cut corners. Estimate Spring 2005 opening.

2005 January 1: Another delay; submissions now taken starting Jan 15, giving 1 full week for new submissions; should be enough time.

2004 December 26: There is another anticipated delay. Now it is estimated that submissions will start being taken on January 8th, 2005; submissions will be taken for 2 weeks instead of 3.

2004 November 12: Updated the opening summary on the "Content Rules" page in regard to mature content, so it should be easier to understand: The degree of restrictions on submissions themselves will vary depending on the category. The baseline for any image-based work to be accepted is PG13, while text-based works like fan fiction are more liberal and can contain a small amount of NC17 or R material; see the "Mature Content" section for details.

2004 November 9: X-Day 2004 has been re-scheduled to take place in January 1-31 of 2005; then you will be able to submit works made during the entire year of 2004, rather than just the first 10 months of it.

2004 November 7: Updated the Registration and Accounts FAQ page (and Privacy Policy), mainly under "Creating Your Account" and "Logging In", to simplify the processes. First of all, you no longer create a "login name"; the email address you provided when registering now *is* your login name; you enter your email address and password when you login. So that's one fewer piece of info to remember. Second, creating a group's account is now part of the same registration process as creating your individual's account; you create both of them (or just the individual's) at once, and they both have the same email address and password. Now you only have to go through the registration form set once, and you don't have to verify your email address twice. They are still distinct accounts, though; when you log-in and are giving your email and password, you simply pick a form option that says which of the two accounts you are logging in to.

2004 October 27: Split and re-described the 2 "Computer Generated Art" categories into 3 categories: Computer Generated 2D Art, Computer Generated 3D Art, Computer Generated 3D Art With 2D Finish. The first is done 100% in a 2D program, regardless of appearance; the second is entirely a 3D program, except textures may be from 2D; the third is for all works that involved a 3D program and were finished in a 2D program for any reason.

2004 October 18: Updated the "Voting Procedures" page, in the section saying how the final results and winners are calculated. Any mention about multiple possibilities is gone; there is only one method shown now, the simplest one possible. Also added a paragraph on what happens when multiple submissions get scores that are very close; under 2% is a tie.

2004 October 12: Added new "Submission Management" page in the "Rules" section that says how to submit and update works, how to deal with multi-creator works, gives an evaluation checklist, and gives a note on hosting (find your own host; nothing goes on the X-Day server). Added new Voting Procedures page that says how to vote, gives some voting rules, and says how the votes are added up to determine winners. Also, the X-Day web server now has its own IP address, where it previously shared one with my other web sites; however, no email is set up on that IP, so any emails to something at xday.info will fail; the Contact Us page is updated to send email to the X-Day Manager's normal email, however, so that page should work.

2004 October 11: Added new "Registration and Accounts" page in the "Rules" section that says how to register, how to login, what to do if you forget your password, and gives some related rules. Also rearranged the web site main menu. Added 10 more graphics to the Linking page. There are now several representing the X-Men Movies and X-Men Evolution (and a few more added or fixed for the comics).

2004 October 6: Added 4 new place-holder pages for these 4 main menu items: Submit, Register, Showcase, Vote; also updated the Events page to link to them. Added new linking graphics and reorganized the set.

2004 October 4: Fan Costumes is now the official and distinct 5th category group, listed between fiction and media; updated all relevant pages. Updated the Content Rules page in the Dates and Counts sections to simplify the text and emphasize the showcase over the competition; the showcase is more liberal on requirements in these areas.

2004 October 3: Created the new Event Timeline page.

2004 October 2: Rewrote most of the Rules Introduction page, and some parts of the Privacy Policy page.

2004 October 1: Standardized on UX-Gal's graphics, which you should use when linking to the X-Day web site; the older linking banners made by other people were removed. Added a new banner by UX-Gal that is animated. Added notice to the Archives section to acknowledge the presence of broken links, which will not be changed for historical accuracy, and how you can still view what was behind the links.

2004 September 29: Updated the list of main menu items. Rewrote most of the main page to be less verbose. Tiny changes all over the site such as to get rid of any first-person language. Simplified category page description on how to submit image manipulation art. Rewrote the text on the "Contact Us" screen.

2004 September 24: Added new page "Banner Graphics For Linking" so you have something pretty to promote X-Day with. Also, one of these images is now used to decorate the top of each X-Day web site page.

2004 September 23: Added comments to the home page and the introduction to details and rules, to encourage visitors of all skill levels to participate, since everyone is "good enough". People staying away due to negative self-perceptions is a common problem that needs to be dealt with. Also removed the front page comment about "early planning stages".

2004 September 20: Updated the "Content Rules" page in the "Submission Limits by Count" section, to specify that the total limit is 10, that the competing limit per category is 1, and that no one sees text feedback until voting is over. In the "Mature Content" section, rewrote the paragraph about fan fiction, as the old one may have confused people into thinking the rules were the same as for fan art (fan fic rules are in fact more liberal).

2004 September 15: Updated the "Submission Categories" page to combine three pairs of fanfic categories into 3 categories: "Tiny Stories", "Screen Plays", "Poetry". Updated the front page to specify altered dates and 3 distinct time periods. The submissions period is 21 days, then 2 days for cleanup, then 7 days for voting, for 30 total days.

2004 September 9: Updated the "Submission Categories" page to add 2 new categories, for longer and shorter screen play / script format fan fiction. Added a new rule for all fan art and fan media categories such that all submissions must include an html page which displays the submission, and the url to the html page only is what is put in the X-Day submissions form. This rule exists mainly to account for the numerous web servers that refuse to display images, showing instead an error page, when someone goes directly to it from an external web site, such as the X-Day site.

2004 September 5: Began to overhaul the visual design of the X-Day web site, thanks to Brian Garside. No, it isn't done yet, so stay tuned. Also, the event dates were moved back another week, and now simply run during the whole month of November (1st-30th), with 20 days for submissions and 10 days for voting.

2004 July 6: Updated the front page to say that the competition will now be held exactly 1 month later than before, between the second third of October and the end of November. This will give submitters more time to prepare, allow halloween costumes to be entered, and not overlap with the summer or the start of school where people are busy. It will not be delayed any further, so to avoid a Christmas or exam time conflict. Also updated the "Wearable Costumes" section on the "Submission Categories" page to remove the comment about a possible later date, as that has now happened.

2004 June 26: Updated the Details and Rules section on Ownership, Copyrights, and Plagiarism so that fan fiction submissions may now include images of that fan fiction made by someone else without the artist's permission, though the artist must be credited; this change makes the fan fiction rules more like the fan web site rules. Updated the Submission Categories page so that individual pieces of fan art may now compete as their own submissions regardless of whether they are used in other fan fiction or fan web site submissions; similar for fan fics on websites. Clarified that each submission must not be stored on the same page as other works.

2004 June 22: Added paragraphs to the Details and Rules Introduction page concerning the different X-Men universes (main page and history page also have added comments about this), and concerning original characters. On the Submission Categories page, added a comment to say that Fan Fiction submissions may include illustrations. Also added new "Original Character Biographies" Fan Fiction category, and removed the category for multiplied computer colored art. Also added a comment about "fan listings" to the Web Sites section. On the Content Rules page, added more text to the section on real life public figures. Also added text in the section on mature content to clarify that "slash" (all types) is allowed by default to compete; as with "non-slash", whether or not a work is banned depends on separate criteria. Also added a paragraph to give a description of what the terms "hard core" and "BSDM" (which are entirely banned) mean, so that people who haven't heard of them better understand what the rules mean. Updated the Help Wanted page to declare a minimum age for submission evaluating volunteers.

2004 June 12: Adjusted the X-Day 2004 event dates so that it now starts on Septemer 23rd, which is the traditional day for the event. (Actually, it's the traditional day for the event to *end*, or at least it was in 1998, but what can you do?) Rewrote large parts of the Content Rules and Submission Categories pages, based on feedback provided by several people. Smaller changes to the Details and Rules Introduction, History of X-Day, Help Wanted, and the front page.

2004 June 4: Updated the front page to indicate a revised schedule for the competition, which is now late-Sept to late-Oct. Also, the X-Day manager is now actively soliticing public feedback for design of the competition, and to advertise it. Updated the Categories page top to suggest possible divisions by "version" and character. Revised several categories, in particular opening up the 'Discussion Forums' category to any type of public forum. Added a bunch of category-specific rules or directives to the Categories page. Made some updates to the Content Rules page, particularly in the Ownership, Completeness and Mature sections. You may now submit individual parts of duo/trilogies. Also added the new "Help Wanted" page that says what is needed for volunteers.

2004 April 17: Updated multiple rules pages to allow submission of some works that aren't allowed to compete for prizes; such works can only be listed in the showcase and receive feedback comments. Mainly such works are those that were not made this last year or that are fan fiction under 3000 words.

2004 April 7: Added the "Content Rules" page.

2004 April 5: Initial X-Day 2004 website launched. It contains just the beginnings of written plans for how X-Day 2004 will operate.

Last Updated: 2006 March 4.

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