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History of X-Day

X-Day is a day of celebration for all fans of the Marvel X-Books and related works. It was first celebrated on September 23, 1996 - the 33rd anniversary of the day that the first issue of The X-Men was published. Josh Wheeler had the idea to celebrate this historic occasion with a competition for all X-Fans in cyber-space.

To celebrate this date and to show their appreciation for the X-Books, Josh asked all X-Fans to find a creative way of demonstrating their enjoyment of the X-Books to the general public. Then he requested that they submit it to him, so that it would be posted on the internet for all the world to see. The 1996 X-Day submissions came in the form of poems, fanfiction, fanart and websites devoted to the comic-cause. One person even submitted a catalogue of all his X-Comic books.

Josh was unable to host the X-Day festivities in 1997, but the X-Day spirit lived on in many of the people who enjoyed the first X-Day competition. Some of them decided to hold the second annual X-Day festivities, and the tradition continued. Shannon Pipik was the X-Day Manager from 1997-2002, but she was aided in her work by Darren Duncan (more with each passing year), and several other people. Due to their hard work and dedication, X-Day has continued to have a large following, drawing many submissions and hundred of votes every year.

The 2003 X-Day competition was run by Darren Duncan, with multiple assistants, and so is X-Day 2004.

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