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Privacy Policy

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Any obtained information will not be used for any purpose other than X-Day administration, and it will never be shared with third parties. It is for X-Day use only, and this web site only gathers the minimum necessary for it to function.

There are separate policies for "All Visitors" and "Registered Participants"; the second group is a subset of the first group.

All Visitors

Anyone who *views* information on the web site (as with any typical web site), does not cause any information on the web site to change. They do not submit any kind of form on the site except possibly the 'Contact Us' form, which does nothing more than send an email to the X-Day Manager.

The X-Day 2004 web site will not collect any personally identifiable information on you when you browse the site.

The web server will keep a log of every file that is requested from this site, whether an html page or an image or something that doesn't exist. For each request, the web server remembers:

This is very simple usage information and every normal web server gathers it. The information helps the web site owner make the site work better. For example, it tells the administrator what parts of the site are most popular, so the owner can focus on improving or expanding those parts. Or it says what time of the day that the site is most busy, so they can check then to make sure it is fast even then. Or it tells if people are clicking on bad hyperlinks that don't go anywhere, and fix them, etc.

All of that information just shows trends; no individuals are tracked while reading the web site.

This web site does not use cookies at any time. It also does not use any Javascript or Active-X controls. Nothing is left on or taken from your computer.

Registered Participants

Anyone who creates a personal account using a form on the web site is a registered participant. Registration is required for submitting work, for voting, and for leaving feedback on submissions.

To run X-Day 2004 in a way that is fair to everyone, easy to use, and fast, we need a small amount of personal information from our registered participants.

This is the personal information that is requested when you create your account:

This other information is also requested when you create your account:

The first step in making your account is collecting your email address and sending to you an email message which contains a random number; you then enter this number on the web site in order to confirm that the email you entered is real and that it is your address. You can not create an account for an email address which is fake or which belongs to someone else. Email addresses which are entered but not confirmed with the number will not have any messages sent to them besides the one with the number.

The email address you provide is what allows the X-Day Manager to contact you on matters related to X-Day. You will be notified by email when the submissions and voting periods begin and end. Confirmation/receipt emails will also be sent there when you create your account or when you forget your account password. The web site can optionally send you other email messages to confirm actions like submitting a work to be listed or placing feedback, but these are optional. In the future, you may also be notified of other X-Day events. But the address will not be used for anything else.

The address is not displayed anywhere on the web site, so no spam robots can harvest it. Neither is your password, of course.

Your real name is requested because the X-Day Manager prefers to talk with people on a first name basis, should a manual email be written to you. Technically you could make up a name and it will not be verified, but you will be addressed by whatever you provide. This name is not displayed anywhere on the web site.

Your public name or alias will be displayed on the web site when you are being credited with a submission or a feedback comment; this will probably match the online identity that you normally use regarding X-Men related subjects.

The web site will display a list of all the active accounts in one place. Your account is considered active if you either submit a creative work to be listed (and it isn't deleted), or you have edited your optional public profile. Your account will not be listed otherwise (you can force it to be shown anyway by doing a trivial profile edit). The account list only contains your public name / alias; a visitor clicks on the name to see your profile or submission list. A separate 'total' number will be given on the site to tell visitors how many accounts are registered in total, including those not on the list, as they might be submitting or voting.

This web site does not collect anything besides email and name. You are not asked for your age or your gender or your income or your education or where you live or your phone number or anything like that. So unless you manually write us an email and tell us this, no one else will ever know.

Public Profile

This web site will also let you type in a public 'profile' description of yourself, separately from registering an account; this is analagous to an 'about the author' page in a book or a website. This field is optional, and you can say as little or as much as you want (nothing children can't see). What you put here is visible to everyone, so only say what you want everyone to know about you.

Note that some entries that people submit to X-Day may not be suitable for young children. These will be clearly marked as such by the person submitting the item. However, since this web site does not verify your age (part of its privacy policy), it will not actively prevent young children from viewing anything. It is up to you personally to not read anything that may be unsuitable for you. This said, X-Day does simply ban anything which is 'too mature', such as those things created with the intent of being pornography, so even the 'worst' entries that do appear would be relatively benign.

Last Updated: 2006 March 4.

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