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Welcome to X-Day 2004-2005!

NOTICE: The annual X-Day event will be on hiatus indefinitely, because I simply don't have the time to attend to it, and I also doubt that anyone else has the ability to take over in my place. Hopefully we'll resume in a little while, a few months perhaps, but I really don't know. When we do resume, we will start with a catch-up event that covers works for several years; if it occurs in 2006, it will cover 2004 and 2005, with a follow-up 2006-only event would happen in January 2007. Meanwhile, consider any other event dates on this web site to be invalid. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

X-Day is an annual month of celebration for all fans of the Marvel Comics' "X-Men" and related books, or related works like the X-Men movies or TV series. The "X-Men" was first published in 1963 and the first X-Day was in 1996. Now celebrated during January 1st - 31st, X-Day commemorates the anniversary of the publishing of the first X-Book, The X-Men. During X-Day, X-Fans demonstrate their enjoyment of the X-Books to the general public by submitting comic inspired art, fiction, costumes, other media, and web-sites; they can optionally compete for awards as well.

X-Day is an event for people of all skill levels. Both amateurs and professionals are welcome and encouraged to participate. No one is too good or too poorly skilled. X-Day is all about having fun and sharing our creative potential. Don't miss out because you think you or your creations aren't good enough; they are good enough.

See the Details and Rules.

Registration opens on January 1st. Use the contact form now if you wish to be sent a reminder message by email.

Submissions start on January 1st. The deadline for new submissions is January 21st. You will have up to January 24th to "clean up"; existing submissions can be fixed up and/or "last minute items" can be evaluated by the staff.

Voting will start on January 25th and end on the 31st; voters will be able to pick their favorite competing submissions in each category.

Participants will be able to leave text feedback comments for any submission (competing or not) any time between January 1st and 31st; those will be shown when the vote results are shown. All text feedback will appear signed by the writer, but votes for favorites are anonymous.

The award winners will be announced in the first week of February.

Contact the Administrator if you wish to volunteer with promotion or other tasks.

Thank you for your participation.

Last Updated: 2006 March 4.

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